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  • Samael Aun Weor
    1975 - Revolutionary Psychology

    Excerpt of the book (for the full version, download PDF)

    Samael Aun Weor - Revolutionary Psychology



    Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What are we living for? Why are we living?

    Unquestionably, the poor ‘intellectual animal’ mistakenly called man, not only ignores, but furthermore ignores that he ignores.

    The worst of it is the strange and difficult situation in which we find ourselves; we ignore the secret of all our tragedies and yet we are convinced that we know it all.

    Just send a “rational mammal” to the middle of the Sahara desert, one of those who claim to be influential in life; leave him there, far away from any oasis, and observe from an airplane what occurs.

    Facts will speak for themselves: the “intellectual humanoid,” though he boasts that he is powerful and believes he is a real human being, turns out to be frightfully weak.

    The “rational animal” is one hundred percent stupid; he thinks the best of himself, he thinks he can develop his potential via kindergarten, good manners, elementary and secondary schools, diplomas, universities, the prestige of daddy, etc.

    Unfortunately, in spite of so much education, good manners, titles, and money, we know very well that any stomachache saddens us and that deep down we continue being unhappy and miserable.

    It is enough to read universal history to find out that we are still the same barbarians of the past, and instead of improving, we have become worse.

    This present century with its magnificence, wars, prostitution, world-wide sodomy, sexual degeneration, drugs, alcohol, exorbitant cruelty, extreme perversion, monstrosity etc., is the mirror in which we must see ourselves; there does not exist a good enough reason to boast of having reached a superior stage of development.

    To think that time means progress is absurd; unfortunately, the “learned ignoramuses” continue to be bottled up in the “Dogma of Evolution...”

    In all the somber pages of “dark history” we find the same atrocious cruelties, ambitions, wars, etc.

    Nevertheless, our “super-civilized” contemporaries are still convinced that what we hear about war is secondary, a fleeting accident that has nothing to do with their so boasted “modern civilization.”

    Indeed, what is important is the way of being of each person. Some subjects will be drunkards; others will be abstemious, some honest and others shameless; there is everything in life.

    The populace is the sum of all individuals. The populace is what the individual is; it is the government, etc….

    The populace, then, is the extension of the individual; it is impossible to change people and populace if the individual does not change himself.

    Nobody can deny the fact that there are different social levels. There are churchgoing people, people in brothels, farmers businessmen, etc.

    In a like manner, there are different Levels of Being. Whatever we are internally, munificent or mean, generous or miserly, violent or peaceful chaste or lustful, attracts the various circumstances of life.

    The lustful person will always attract scenes, dramas and even lascivious tragedies in which he will become involved.

    A drunkard will always attract drunkards and will always be seen in bars or taverns; this is obvious...

    What will the usurer attract? The selfish one? How many problems? Jail? Misfortunes? Nonetheless, frustrated people, tired of suffering, want to change, to turn the page of their history...

    Wretched people! They want to change and they do not know how; they do not know the methods; they are stuck in a blind alley.

    What happened to them yesterday happens to them today, and will happen to them again tomorrow; they always repeat the same errors and not even cannon shots will make them learn the lessons of life.

    All things repeat themselves in their life; they say the same things, do the same things and complain about the same things.

    This boring repetition of dramas, comedies and tragedies, will continue as long as we carry in our interior all the undesirable elements of anger, covetousness, lust, envy; pride, laziness, gluttony, etc.

    What is our moral level? Or better said, what is our Level of Being?

    The repetition of all our miseries, scenes, misfortunes, and mishaps will last as long as the Level of our Being does not radically change.

    All things, all circumstances that occur outside ourselves, on the stage of this world, are exclusively the reflection of what we carry within.

    With good reason then, we can solemnly declare that the “exterior is the reflection of the interior.”

    When someone changes internally and if that change is radical, then circumstances, life and the external also change.

    Not long ago, since 1974, I have been observing a group of people who invaded a private estate ground. Here in Mexico, such people receive the strange name of “Parachutists.”

    They are neighbors from the rural colony of Churubusco; they are very close to my home and that is why I have been able to study them closely.

    To be poor will certainly never be a crime; however, their serious problem does not lie in poverty but rather in their Level of Being.

    They fight amongst themselves daily, get drunk, insult each other, become the murderers of their own companions who share their misfortunes, and live in filthy huts where hatred reigns instead of love.

    Many times I have pondered on the fact that if any one of them would eliminate from his interior hatred, anger, lust, slander, drunkenness, cruelty, egoism, calumny, envy, conceit, pride etc., he would please other people, and by the simple Law of Psychology Affinities, he would associate with more refined and spiritual people. These new relationships would definitely bring about an economical and social change.

    This would be the way out of the “pigsty” the “filthy sewer” for this individual...

    Therefore, if we really want a radical change, the first thing we must understand is that each one of us (whether black or white, yellow or brunette, ignorant or erudite, etc.), is at one “Level of Being” or another.

    What is our Level of Being? Have you ever reflected upon this? It would be impossible to pass into another level if we ignore the level in which we presently are.




    We must long for a real change; we must get out of this boring routine, out of this purely mechanical and wearied life.

    What we must first clearly understand is that each one of us is at one Level of Being or another.

    The Level of Being of the drunkard is different from that of the abstemious, and the Level of Being of the prostitute is different from that of the virgin. What we are stating here is indisputable, irrefutable.

    Advancing on the theme of this chapter, it is not irrelevant if we imagine the numerous rungs of a ladder, which extends itself upwards, vertically.

    Unquestionably, we find ourselves on any one of these rungs. On the lower rungs will be people worse than us, and on the higher rungs persons better than us will be found.

    On this extraordinary Vertical, on this Marvelous Ladder, it is clear that we can find all the Levels of Being. Each person is different; this is something that no one can dispute.

    Undoubtedly, we are not talking about pretty or ugly if nor is it a question of age. There are young and old people, old persons about to die as well as newborns.

    The subject matter of time and of years; that matter of being born, of maturing, developing, marrying, reproducing and aging is exclusively of the Horizontal.

    On the “Marvelous Ladder,” on the Vertical, the concept of time does not fit in. On the rungs of such a scale we can only find Levels of Being.

    The mechanical hope of people serves no purpose. They think that with time things will get better. Our grandfather and great grandfathers thought that way; however, facts have arrived to precisely demonstrate the opposite of this.

    What counts is the Level of Being, and this is Vertical. We are on a rung, but we can climb to another rung.

    The “Marvelous Ladder” of which we are talking about and which concerns the different Levels of Being certainly has nothing to do with linear time.

    A higher Level of Being is directly above us from moment to moment. It is not in any remote horizontal future but here and now within our own selves, on the Vertical.

    It is ostensible and anyone can understand that the two lines, Horizontal and Vertical, intersect from moment to moment in our psychological interior and form a Cross.

    The personality develops and unfolds on the Horizontal Line of Life. The personality is born and dies with its linear time; it is mortal. A “tomorrow” does not exist for the personality of the dead person. The personality is not the Being.

    The Levels of Being are not of time. Since the Being himself is not of time, He has nothing to do with the Horizontal Line. He is found within our own selves, now, on the Vertical.

    It would be absurd, obviously to look for our own Being outside of ourselves. Therefore, it is not irrelevant to establish the following as a corollary: titles, ranks, promotions etc. in the external physical world cannot in any way originate authentic exaltation, re- evaluation of the Being, or a move to a higher rung in the Levels of Being.




    It is not irrelevant to remind our readers that a mathematical point exists within ourselves. Unquestionably such a point is never found either in the past or in the future.

    Whosoever wants to discover that mysterious point must look for it here and now within oneself at this exact moment, not a second earlier, not a second later.

    The two horizontal and vertical lines of the Holy Cross intersect at this point.

    Thus, we find ourselves from moment to moment before two paths: the Horizontal and the Vertical.

    It is evident that the Vertical is different; it is the path of intelligent rebels, of revolutionaries.

    It is apparent that the Horizontal path is too base; my buddy and every body travel it, by those who are juvenile and those who are senile.

    When one remembers oneself and works upon oneself, when one does not become identified with all the problems and sorrows of life, it is a fact that one is traveling along the Vertical path.

    Certainly, it is never an easy task to eliminate negative emotions, to lose all identification with our trend of life, with all types of problems, with business, debts, loan payments, mortgages, telephone, water and power payments, etc.

    The unemployed ones, those who have lost their position or job for one reason or another, evidently suffer because of lack of money and for them to forget their situation and not worry or identify themselves with their own problem becomes tremendously difficult.

    Those who suffer and those who cry, those who have been victims of some betrayal or injustice, victims of ingratitude, calumny, fraud, really do forget themselves; they forget their Inner Being; they identify themselves totally with their moral tragedy. The work on oneself is the fundamental characteristic of the Vertical path.

    Nobody treads upon the path of the Great Rebellion if he never works on himself.

    The work to which we are referring is of a psychological nature. This work deals with a certain transformation of the moment in which we find ourselves.

    We need to learn to live from moment to moment.

    For example, a person who is desperate about some sentimental, economical or political problems has obviously forgotten his Inner Self.

    If such a person would stop for a moment, observe the situation, try to remember his Inner Self and then try to understand the reason for this attitude...

    If he would reflect a little and think that everything passes away, that life is fleeting, illusory, and that death reduces all the vanities of the world to ashes...

    If he would understand that his problem in reality is nothing more than a worthless flame and soon dies, he would suddenly see with great surprise that everything has changed.

    It is possible to transform mechanical reactions through logical confrontation and the Intimate Auto-Reflection of the Being.

    It is evident that people react mechanically when faced with the diverse circumstances of life.

    Wretched people, they usually become the victims. When flattered, they smile, when humiliated, they suffer. They insult if insulted, they hurt if they are hurt; they are never free; their fellowmen have the power to drive them from happiness to sadness, from hope to despair.

    Each of these persons traveling along the Horizontal path is similar to a musical instrument on which each of his fellowmen can play the tune he wishes to.

    Whosoever learns how to transform mechanical reactions is in fact entering onto the Vertical path.

    This represents a fundamental change in the “Level of Being,” an extraordinary result of the “Psychological Rebellion.”


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