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  • Samael Aun Weor - 1975 - The Great Rebellion
  • Samael Aun Weor
    1975 - The Great Rebellion

    Excerpt of the book (for the full version, download PDF)

    Samael Aun Weor - The Great RebellionTHE GREAT REBELLION




    Although it may seem incredible, it is certainly very true that this so much hackneyed modern civilization is frightfully ugly, it does not fulfill the transcendental characteristics of aesthetic sense, and it is devoid of inner beauty. We boast a great deal of those same old hair-raising buildings which resemble real mouseholes.

    The world has become tremendously boring, the same streets as always and horrible housing everywhere.

    All this has become tedious, be it North or South, East or West of the world.

    The same usual terrifying, nauseating and barren uniform. "Modernization!", the crowds exclaim.

    We resemble vain peacocks with our fine clothes and shiny shoes, although all around us and throughout the world there are unhappy, undernourished and wretched millions.

    Natural, spontaneous and ingenuous simplicity and beauty, without any artifice nor conceited make up, have disappeared in the female sex. Now we are modern, that is life.

    People have become dreadfully cruel, kindness is not found, nobody has compassion for anyone any more.

    The display windows of luxurious stores are glimmering with extravagant merchandise which the less fortunate definitely cannot afford.

    The outcast in our society can only gaze at silks and jewels, costly bottles of perfume and umbrellas for the rain; look but not touch, a torment similar to those of Tantalus. People of these modern times have become extremely gross. The perfume of friendship and the fragrance of sincerity have radically disappeared.

    People cry in anguish, overburdened with taxes; the whole world has problems; we are owed and we owe; we are taken to court and ordered to pay money, having none; worries ravage our brains; nobody lives in peace.

    Bureaucrats, with their smugly curved paunches and fat cigars on which they psychologically sustain themselves, juggle mentally with politics in absolute unconcern for the grief of the peoples. Nowadays nobody is happy, least of all the middle-classes, who find their backs to the wall, facing the sword.

    Rich and poor, believers and nonbelievers, merchants and beggars, cobblers and tinsmiths only exist because they have to live, they drown their torments with wine and become drug addicts in their search for escape from themselves.

    People have become malicious, suspicious, distrustful, cunning and perverse; nobody believes anybody any more. Every day new conditions are invented: certificates, all kinds of restrictions, documents, credentials, etc, and anyway, none of these serves its purpose any more, those who are crafty mock all this nonsense, they do not pay, they evade the law even if they may be imprisoned.

    No job brings happiness. The sense of true love has been lost and people marry today, divorcing tomorrow.

    Family unity has been lamentably lost, organic modesty does not exist any more, lesbianism and homosexuality have become commonplace.

    To know something about all this, to try to understand the causes of so much corruption, to inquire, to search, is certainly our purpose in this book.

    I am talking the language of practical life, willing to know what is hidden behind that horrible mask of existence.

    I am thinking aloud, and let the swindlers of the intellect say whatever they please.

    Theories have become tiresome, they are even sold and resold in the market... So, what then?

    Theories serve only as occasions for worry and to embitter our life.

    With just reason Goethe said: "All theory is grey, but the golden tree of actual life, springs ever green".

    Poor people, they are already weary of so many theories. Nowadays they talk a great deal about practicality, we need to be practical and to really know the causes of our suffering.



    Soon, millions of people living in Africa, Asia and South America, can die from starvation. Gases released from aerosols can radically put an end to the Ozone of the Earth's atmosphere.

    Some experts forecast that by the year Two Thousand the subsoil of our Earth's globe will be exhausted.

    It has already been proved that marine species are dying due to contamination of the sea. Unquestionably, at this rate, by the end of this century all the inhabitants of big cities will have to wear oxygen masks to protect themselves from pollution.

    If contamination goes on at this alarming pace, very soon it will be impossible to eat fish. Because of living in totally infected waters, it will be a serious danger to health. Before the year Two Thousand it will be almost impossible to find a beach where one can swim in pure water.

    Due to excessive consumption and exploitation of the topsoil and the subsoil, soon the land will not be able to harvest the amount necessary to feed the world.

    The "Intellectual Animal", mistakenly called man, by contaminating the oceans with so much waste, poisoning the air with fumes from cars and factories, destroying the Earth with underground atomic explosions and abusing of elements harmful to the Earth's crust, has clearly subjected the planet Earth to a long, appalling agony which will un doubtedly have to end with a Great Catastrophe.

    It will be difficult for the world to survive past the year Two Thousand, as the "Intellectual Animal" is destroying the natural environment so rapidly.

    The "Rational Mammal" mistakenly called man is intent on destroying the Earth, making it uninhabitable. Obviously he is succeeding.

    As far as the seas are concerned, it is obvious that all nations have turned them into some kind of Grand Waste Dump.

    Seventy per cent of the world's waste is going into the seas.

    Enormous quantities of oil, all kinds of insecticides, masses of chemical substances, poisonous gases, neuro-toxic gases, detergents, etc, are annihilating all the species living in the oceans. Sea birds and plankton which is so essential for life, are being destroyed.

    Without doubt, the annihilation of marine plankton is of incalculable seriousness, for it is this micro-organism which produces seventy per cent of the Earth's oxygen.

    It has been possible to verify through scientific research that certain parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are contaminated with radioactive residues produced by atomic explosions.

    In different large main cities of the world and especially in Europe, tap water is drank, is eliminated, is purified and then drank again.

    In large "Super-civilized" cities, drinking water goes through the human organism many times.

    In the city of Cucuta, Colombia, near the Venezuelan border, in South America, the inhabitants have to drink the black dirty waters from the river which carries all the filth coming from Pamplona. I am referring emphatically to the Pamplonita river which has been such a blight upon the "Pearl of the North" (Cucuta city).

    Fortunately, there is another water supply for the city now, but the Pamplonita river's sewage is still being drunk.

    Huge filters, gigantic machines, and chemical substances are being used to try to purify the sewage of Europe's big cities. However, epidemics continue to break out because of that filthy water which has gone through human organisms so many times.

    Bacteriologists, so popular now, have found all types of viruses, collibacilluses, pathogens, tuberculosis bacteria, typhus and small pox bacteria, larvae, etc., in the drinking water of large capital cities. Although it may seem incredible, in the very same water-purifying factories, in European countries, viruses of the vaccine for poliomyelitis have been found.

    Besides, the wastage of water is appalling: some modern scientists assert that by the year 1990 the rational humanoid will die of thirst.

    The worst of all this, is that the underground fresh water reserves are in danger due to the abuses of the Intellectual Animal.

    The merciless exploitation of oil wells continues to be fatal. Oil extracted from the Earth's interior goes through the underground waters and contaminates them.

    As a consequence, oil has made the Earth's subterranean water supply not drinkable for more than a century.

    Obviously, as a result of all this, vegetation and even a multitude of people die.

    Now, let us talk a little about the air which is so indispensable for the life of all creatures...

    Our lungs take in half a liter of air with every breath, that is, about twelve cubic meters per day. Multiply this quantity by four thousand five hundred million people living on the Earth, and we have the exact amount of oxygen consumed by humanity daily. This does not take into account the consumption of oxygen by all the other animal creatures living on the Earth.

    The total amount of oxygen we inhale is found in the atmosphere and it is due to the plankton we are now destroying with pollution, and also to the photosynthetic activity of plants. Unfortunately, the reserves of oxygen are already becoming exhaust.

    The Rational Mammal mistakenly called man, through his innumerable industries is constantly diminishing the solar radiation essential for photosynthesis. For this reason, the quantity of oxygen produced by plants at present, is significantly less than in the last century.

    The worst in all this world tragedy is that the "Intellectual Animal" continues contaminating the sea, destroying plankton and getting rid of the vegetation. The "Rational Animal" proceeds destroying deplorably his sources of oxygen.

    The smog which the "Rational Humanoid" is constantly discharging into the air, is lethal and also it is endangering the life of our planet.

    Not only is smog exhausting the oxygen resources, but it is also killing people.

    Smog gives rise to strange incurable illnesses. This has already been proved.

    Smog impedes the entrance of sunlight and ultra-violet light, thus causing serious disorders in the atmosphere.

    An era is approaching of climatic changes, glaciations, advance of polar ice towards the equator, terrifying cyclones, earthquakes, etc.

    By the year Two Thousand, some regions of the planet Earth will be hotter, not because of the use of electric energy but because of its overuse. This will contribute to the process of Revolution of the Earth's Axes. Soon the Poles will become the Earth's equator and the equator will become the poles.

    The Poles have already begun to thaw out and a new Great Flood is coming, preceded by fire.

    Forthcoming decades will see an increase in "Carbon Dioxide" which will form a thick layer around the Earth's atmosphere.

    Regrettably, such a filter or layer, will absorb thermal radiation and will act as a fatal greenhouse.

    The Earth's climate will become hotter in many places and the heat will make the ice in the Poles melt, thus causing a shocking rise in the level of the oceans.

    The situation is extremely serious; fertile soil is disappearing and two hundred thousand people who need food are born every day.

    The worldwide famine to come, will certainly be terrifying; this is already at our doorstep.

    Nowadays, forty million people are dying from starvation yearly, because of lack of food...

    The criminal industrialization of the forests and the merciless exploitation of mines and oil wells, are turning the Earth into a desert.

    It is certainly known that nuclear energy is fatal for humanity and it is no less certain that at present there are "Death Rays", "Microbial Bombs", and many other terribly destructive, malignant elements invented by scientists. Unquestionably, attaining nuclear energy requires vast amounts of heat, which are difficult to control and may cause a disaster at any time.

    To obtain nuclear energy, enormous quantities of radioactive minerals are required of which only thirty per cent is used. This is rapidly exhausting the world's subsoil.

    The atomic waste which is left in the ground is posing a horrific danger. There is no safe place for atomic waste.

    Should gas ever leak from one of those atomic dumps, however minute the amount, thousands of people would die.

    Contamination of food and water brings about genetic mutations and human monsters: creatures who are born deformed and monstrous.

    Before the year 1999 there will be a serious nuclear accident which will cause real terror.

    Certainly humanity does not know how to live. It has degenerated frightfully and, frankly, it has precipitated itself into the abyss.

    What is most serious in this question, is that the factors of such desolation, starvation, wars, destruction of the planet in which we live, etc., exist within ourselves. We carry them within, in our own psyche.



    People work daily, they struggle to survive. Somehow they want to exist. However, they are not happy.

    As people say, happiness is double dutch. However, worst of all is that people know this, but amid so much bitterness, it seems that they do not lose their hopes of reaching happiness one day, not knowing how or in what way. Poor people! How much they do suffer! Yet, they want to live, they are afraid of dying...

    If people understood something about Revolutionary Psychology, it is possible that they would even think differently, but the fact is that they do not know anything. What they want is to survive in the midst of their misfortune and that is all. Moments exist which are both pleasant and very enjoyable, but they are not happiness. People confuse pleasure with happiness.

    Debauched parties, pub crawls, getting drunk and orgies are brutish pleasures, but they are not happiness... There are however, wholesome parties without overindulgence, brutal behavior, the abuse of alcohol, etc., but that is not happiness either...

    Are you a kind person? How do you feel when you are dancing? Are you in love? Do you really love? What does it feel like when you dance with the one you adore? Allow me to be a little bit cruel now in telling you that this is not happiness either.

    If you are an old person, if you are not attracted to these pleasures, if they hold no savor for you, forgive me if I tell you that it would be different if you were young and full of illusions. At any rate, whatever you may say, parties or no parties, love or no love, with or without that which is called money, you are not happy even if you think the opposite.

    We spend our life looking for happiness everywhere and die without ever having found it.

    In Latin America there are many who hope to win the pools someday, they think that this way they will find happiness; some of them even actually win the pools but not because of this do they achieve that happiness they so much yearned for.

    As a young man, one dreams of the perfect woman, a princess from the Arabian Nights, someone special; but harsh reality of facts comes afterwards: a wife, small children to support, difficult financial problems, etc. There is no doubt that as the children grow, problems increase and they may even become impossible to cope with...

    Naturally, as children get bigger they need bigger shoes and these are more expensive, that is obvious.

    Naturally, as children grow up, clothes are more and more costly. If you have money it is no problem, but if not, then it is a serious matter and there is a great deal of suffering.

    All this would be more or less bearable with a good wife but if the man is betrayed, that is "cuckolded", then what use is there for him in struggling to earn the housekeeping?

    There are extraordinary examples, wonderful women, true companions through both fortune and misfortune; but then, to top it all, the man takes her for granted and even abandons her for other women who will embitter his life. There are many girls who dream of their "prince", unfortunately, harsh reality is in fact different and they end up marrying a scourge of them.

    The greatest illusion for a woman is to have a wonderful home and to be a mother: "blessed predestination". However, even if she marries a good man, which is unlikely, all things come to pass in the end; sons and daughters get married and leave home or they are ungrateful to their parents, and the home finally comes to an end.

    All in all, in this cruel world in which we live, happy people do not exist... All human beings are unfortunate: they are unhappy.

    In life we encounter many "donkeys" who are loaded with money, burdened with problems, engaged in lawsuits, overtaxed, etc. They are not happy.

    What is the use of being rich if one does not have good health? Poor rich people!

    Sometimes they are more miserable than any beggar.

    Everything passes in life: things, people, ideas, etc. Those who have money and those who have none also pass, and nobody knows genuine happiness.

    Many people try to escape from themselves by taking drugs or alcohol. In fact, not only do they fail to escape but worse, they get trapped in the hell of vice.

    When an addict resolves to change his life, the friends that he associated with when involved with alcohol, marijuana or L.S.D., disappear as if by magic.

    Happiness is not achieved by running away from the "Myself", from the "Self"; instead it would be interesting to confront oneself boldly, to observe the "I", to study it in order to discover the causes of suffering. When we discover the real cause of so much misery and bitterness, then obviously, we can do something about it...

    If one manages to finish with the "Myself", with "My Getting Drunk", with "My Vices", with "My Affections" which are so painful in my heart, with those worries that are ravaging my brains and making me ill, etc, etc; clearly, then, that which is timeless comes, that which is beyond the body, affections and the mind, that which is truly unknown to the understanding and is called: HAPPINESS!.

    Unquestionably, while the consciousness remains bottled in the "MYSELF", in the "SELF", it can in no way know real happiness.

    Happiness has a flavor that the "SELF", the "MYSELF", has never ever known.


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