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    Dear wisdom seeker, We are a non-profit with a tough mission: to give everyone access to the greatest of all knowledge: Gnosis. Sacred texts, images, books, videos, online classes... we spare neither time nor efforts in researching, preparing and making available the highest quality content. This is a special place where you can quench your thirst for the Wisdom of all Ages. Free and ad-free! Venerabilis Opus is a non-profit built on voluntary work. But we still need to pay for servers and many other fees. If everyone reading this gave as little as $5, we would ensure that this Knowledge database will continue to survive and grow in the future. If you enjoy the content, please take a minute to support this special website. Thank you. (On the left for Venerabilis Opus and on the right to donate directly to Africa).

    Help Us Keep The Flame Alive

    Your help is required

    so that the noble Knowledge of the great Peoples transmitted by Venerabilis Opus remains available and continues to develop.

    Your help is required

    All payments are secured on the PayPal site, where you will be given the choice to make your donation with or without a PayPal account.

    We offer high quality esoteric and spiritual content

    composed of quality writings, books, images, videos and online courses for the benefit of humanity.

    We offer high quality esoteric and spiritual content

    Venerabilis Opus is a non-profit organization that receives no government or private funding. Our team of volunteers dedicate time and money so that this heritage is not lost, and that it becomes accessible worldwide.

    Take part in the Venerable Work.

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    in the lives of people who, like you, thirst for Knowledge.

    Venerabilis Opus encourages the outstanding work of CONSA

    the Institute for Humanitarian Consciousness and Ancient Wisdom.

    CONSA retransmits the Knowledge

    In addition to training Gnostic teachers and setting up study centers around the world, CONSA develops social projects imbued with the wisdom of the ancient Peoples, in the spirit of universal charity and selflessness.

    Teachers trained thanks to CONSA, with their students - Cotonou, BENIN

    Teachers trained thanks to CONSA, with their students - Cotonou, BENIN

    CONSA works throughout the world

    in places forgotten and materially impoverished, and where the teachings conveyed by Venerabilis Opus and the online courses are not available.

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    Venerabilis Opus is a free source of Knowledge made possible by volunteer work. Support this endeavor so that it may continue to grow, and reach those who do not have access to it. Thank you!