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    Africa / Europe / Sculptures (46)

    Bejaia Algeria

    Mercury York England

    Mercury York England

    Montserrat Virgin Spain

    Montserrat Virgin Spain

    Moremi Queen - Nigeria

    Moses by Michelangelo

    Bourges Cathedral Christ and Judgment of Soul

    Bourges Cathedral detail France

    Celtic Sun God Bel

    Ecstasy of Saint Teresa - Bernini

    Ecstasy of Saint Teresa - Bernini

    Garumba Zimbabwe

    Greek Armor Helmet BC

    Hades abducted Persephone - Bernini

    Hassan II Mosque Morocco

    Isis Persephone

    Jacobs Ladder Bath Abbey United Kingdom

    Kulango tribal figure - Ivory Coast

    Loki God of Mischief

    Lucifer - Guillaume Geefs Belgium

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