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Images Of World Heritage

Asia / Egypt / Sculptures (112)

Cave Temple Dambulla Sri Lanka


Dendara Zodiac Louvres Museum

Dome of a Sufi Saint Pakistan

Door of Kaaba Mecca

Egyptian Mask BC

Egyptian Sarcophagus

Faravahar Zoroastrianism Persia

Goddess Ushnishavijaya China

Golden Summit Bodhisattva Statue China

Hatshepsut Deir El Bahari Egypt

Hatshepsut Temple Horus Snake Luxor Egypt

Hieroglyph Text from Teti-I Pyramid Egypt

Horus Seth and Osiris - Abu Simbel Egypt

Horus Seth and Osiris Egypt

Horus Temple Edfu Egypt

Ishtar Gate ancient Babylonia Iraq

Isis Horus

Isis Horus AC

Isis Horus BC

Isis Persephone

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