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    Enthronement Speech Of Ramses II

    Enthronement Speech Of Ramses II - EgypteI thought, Father, at the dawn of my life, at the time of the call, I thought I could be Yours authentically,

    I thought I just had to walk straight. I did not know of the winding paths and detours, the impasses of life, laces that are lost in the brambles, impracticable tracks.

    I did not know this, the condition of roaming man, man made to trek and wander.

    Father, grant me to depart again, to discover sources to quench my thirst;

    Grant me not to prefer pond water,

    Grant me not to lose the taste of living water,

    Grant me to take the risk of going astray.

    Make me understand both, that the temptation of the prudent is to become like the fearful, who bury their talent in the earth, and that the temptation of the brave is to become like the temerarious, who gets lost on roads that lead to nowhere.

    Father, remain with me, throughout the adventurous runs, near the abyss lined with froth, on which we tread without knowing the depths.Momie Life after Life - Egypt

    Remain close to me and with me, to support in me the true love of the fervent search for living waters.

    Father, blessed are You, I thank You for Your presence.


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