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    Does Man Come From Ape?

    Laetoli - 4 million yearsDoes Man Come From The Ape?

    According to Yvette Deloison, a world-renowned paleontologist and researcher at the CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France, man does not come from the ape.Yvette Deloison - Préhistoire du piéton In her book "Préhistoire du piéton" (Prehistory of the pedestrian), she argues that, based on the anatomy of our ancestors and that of great apes, man does not come from an arboreal primate, but they both have a common ancestor who walked on two legs. From this common ancestor evolved the biped man on one side, and on the other, came the arboreal apes. "Bipedalism, bipeds are certainly older than people think..." she said, after years of studying the foot and the hand of our ancestors; "An arboreal cannot yield a biped, it is impossible."Laetoli vs human

    Although the footprint of a biped dating from 3.7 million years was found in Laetoli, Tanzania, for her theory to be demonstrated, a fully biped hominid fossil of that same period had to be discovered. For long, the only relatively complete fossil discovered dating of that period was the famous Lucy; but Lucy’s skeleton showed traits of a partially arboreal BKBH hominid.  Ronald Clarke - Little Foot - 3 million years

    In 1994, Ronald J. Clarke (on picture) identified several hominid skeletons from South Africa dated between 2.2 and 3.3 million years old. One such skeleton was extraordinarily complete. It was later called "Little Foot." Research has shown that Little Foot was fully bipedal, and that the Laetoli footprints could have been made by its species. Although the evidence is overwhelming, Yvette Deloison’s theory is still subject to controversy.


    Written by Jean-Marie Claudius for Venerabilis Opus

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