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  • Quantum Entanglement
    The Universal Consciousness

    Quantum EntanglementQuantum Entanglement

    The Universal Consciousness


    Jason Lincoln Jeffers


    Einstein once said, “The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.” What if science, philosophy, and spirituality have been on tangential paths in their pursuit of the truth about creation, each one stemming from distinct perceptions of reality but ultimately converging at a singular point of divine truth?

    I believe that it’s just a matter of time before a unified field theory or “one theory of everything” is proposed and proven to be true. There is indeed a divine order to the cosmos, an underlying intelligence. Some define this intelligence as physics and leave it at that. But is it so hard to comprehend that science and divine intelligence (God) are one and the same? After all, in the end, everything stems from the Source.

    In quantum mechanics there is a property known as entanglement or non-local connection. This is not a theory but a real phenomenon. The physicists John Bell and Alain Aspect established that the universe at its most basic level is nonlocal. It proves that information doesn’t need to travel from point A to point B because it doesn’t need to travel at all. It exists everywhere, omnipresently. This interpretation presents us with the vision of a participatory universe in which everything is interconnected and interdependent; a seamless Whole.

    Einstein called entanglement “spooky action at a distance,” and it has been demonstrated repeatedly through experimentation. It is the way in which two or more particles of energy sharing common origins become correlated to predictably interact with each other, even if these particles are separated over large distances. In other words, they remain interlinked, interconnected, one with each other, even though they appear to be separate.

    What’s truly amazing about their entanglement is that their communication is much faster than the speed of light. It appears to be operating instantaneously, at the speed of, well, thought. It’s as if the space-time in between the two objects being measured doesn’t even exist. Perhaps this is because these interacting objects are connected somewhere beyond the realm of form. Or in a word: Consciousness.

    In a sense, the human body is quantum entangled with the Earth because the body responds to the Earth’s natural biorhythms and circadian cycles. No doubt, the female’s menstrual cycle is quantum entangled with the cycles of the Moon. The ancient art of astrology is an example of quantum entanglement with the planets, stars, and constellations of the heavens.

    In his September 19, 2009 Sirius XM radio show, Deepak Chopra interviewed physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, and commented on this nonlocal phenomenon, saying, “You know, the more I hear about quantum entanglement, it sounds like a mathematical description of omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence.” Dr. Kaku responded, “That’s what it leads to. Their theory says that I exist because you look at me, somebody looks at you so you exist, so who looks at her? Who looks at us? Well, God.”

    Quantum physics was discovered through the study of the motion of elementary particles at the atomic and subatomic level, so it is assumed that this nonlocal phenomenon must also be confined to the submicroscopic world. I believe this to be a narrow-minded view of what entanglement is really revealing to us. Nonlocal connections between humans have been experienced in such phenomena as synchronicity, mental telepathy and psychic phenomena. Mystics, oracles, artists, yogis, sages, and shamans have been transcending the local mind and accessing nonlocal Unity Consciousness for millennia.

    The property of quantum entanglement is clear evidence in support of Unity Consciousness. It demonstrates that the world of form (space-time) is preceded by a "behind the scenes" mind. How else can these particles interact as if a Unified Field of Consciousness didn’t exist? The property of entanglement even defies Einstein’s theory that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

    Mind before matter is the correct order of the equation to creation, not matter manifesting itself randomly or spontaneously before mind. Physical matter is nothing less than an expression of divine intelligence giving it the command: “Make it so.”


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