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    Mystic Levitations

    Book: The Secret Doctrine Of Anahuac

    Excerots of Chapter 3 - Mystic Levitations


    Undoubtedly, the fourth coordinate is the same hyperspace of Hyper-geometry by which it is possible to perform supernatural acts, such as the disappearance or appearance of a body in three-dimensional Euclidean space or the departure of any object from a hermetically sealed box.

    Because many people do not even know the basics of the matter, we will cite various anchorites that levitated in front of various audiences.


    Saint Stephen, king of Hungary

    Saint Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury

    We begin with Saint Stephen, king of Hungary, a distinguished medieval lord who died in 1038. He floated in the air one night while praying in his tent.

    Let us continue with Saint Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, a notable man of God, who precisely on Ascension Day, May 17, 988, rose up miraculously to the majestic vault of the cathedral.


    The following are some remarkable cenobites and renowned ladies of recognized sanctity, in chronological order:


    Saint Ladislaus of Hungary

    Saint Christina the Astonishing

    Saint Ladislaus of Hungary (1041 - 1095), a renowned anchorite, on a memorable night floated above the ground while praying in the famous monastery of Warasdin.

    Saint Christina the Astonishing (1150 - 1224) the illustrious mystic, who was assumed to be dead, soared delightfully to the vault of the church in the middle of her funeral rite.


    Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, a distinguished matron; Saint Edmund; Saint Lutgardis, a famous religious woman; the Blessed Giles of Santarem; the mysterious Margaret of Hungary; the spiritual Saint Dulceline; the noteworthy and famous lord of wisdom, Saint Thomas Aquinas; Saint Agnes of Bohemia, and many others, immersed within the fourth dimension, floated during their ecstasies.

    Extraordinary elevations, magic flights, quick vertical rises, suspensions in mid-air, ascensions, transportations, ethereal rides at great heights, ecstasies, jubilation and entrancement.


    Francis of Assisi

    Ancient legend says — and human and divine beings know this well — that when our brother Francis of Assisi (1186 - 1226) reached the sunset of his life, his ecstasies in Mount Alvernia intensified.

    His beloved disciple, Brother Leo, who joyfully brought him food, always found him in entrancement outside his cave, at considerable heights from the hallowed ground. Sometimes he reached the beech trees and disappeared from sight. He left for the fourth coordinate.



    Saint Catherine de Ricci

    Continuing with this mystical scientific enquiry, it is worth mentioning that Saint Catherine de Ricci (1522-1589), the celebrated stigmatic prioress of Prato, when entering ecstasy, stayed suspended in space.


    Many other penitents, cenobites, such as Saint Francis of Paola, Saint Peter of Alcántara, Saint Thomas of Villanova, Saint Francis Xavier, etc., lifted off the ground in their ecstasies and stayed in the air, to the extraordinary amazement of public consciousness.


    Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross

    Some famous and extraordinary cases, because of their peculiarity and uniqueness, were those of the mystic Teresa of Avila (1515 - 1582). She, herself, described them in minute detail. She methodically explains how the ineffable, magical power immersed her within the unknown dimension while she prayed. She then floated before the amazed nuns.

    One day amongst others, the saint was so high above the ground that no one could administer the host to her.

    The double levitation of Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross, in Mount Carmel of Avila caused astonishment and great amazement. Then the two mystics could be seen in a state of ecstasy in space.


    It is said that a pious monk whose name was Joseph of Cupertino rose up in the air seventy times. This magical feat, which took place around 1650, allowed him to be canonized.

    Every time the cited hermit with a sweet face left the hard ground, he let out a shrill cry. Asked by the Cardinal Laurie about that mysterious and strange cry in the precise moment of his flight, the saint answered in an esoteric way: “The gun powder, when triggered in the harquebus explodes with a great sound; in the same way is the heart embraced by divine love. Amen!”

    Joseph of Cupertino


    Studying old manuscripts, like clergymen in a cell, we have found in the sacred land of the Vedas, the following phrase:

    “He who meditates on the center of the heart, will attain control over the Vayu Tattva (ethereal principle of air). He will also get the siddhis, (powers of the Saints) Bushari, Kechari, Kaya and 50 on (the ability to float in the air and put one’s own spirit in someone’s body, and so forth). He will reach Cosmic Love and all the Tattvic divine qualities.”

    The substantial development of the peaceful heart is undeferrable and unpostponable, when learning the Science of Jinns, the doctrine of levitation.

    It is useful to imitate Joseph of Cupertino, in his prayers and ecstasies, so that our heart, inflamed by Divine Love, develops harmoniously; thus enabling us to penetrate consciously with our physical body into the fourth vertical, beyond Euclidean three-dimensional space.

    Unquestionably, those sixty Aztec elders, who in the Coatepec hill performed their magical circles and operations in order to immerse themselves into the fourth coordinate, had each previously developed the marvelous fires of the heart.

    Jesus, the great Kabir

    Jesus, the great Kabir, immersed within the fourth vertical with his physical body, walked upon the seawaters. Divine and human beings know this.


    Unquestionably, Philip, the apostle of the divine rabbi of Galilee, is the blessed patron of Jinns states.

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