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    Sexuality and Health

    FuXi and Nuwa - Caduceus China

    Sexuality and Health

    Samael Aun Weor

    Collected Excerpts

    Biologists have evidenced through many years of observation and direct experience that the sexual glands are not closed capsules, since they excrete and increte hormones. The hormones of secretion are called “conserving,” because they perpetuate the species. The hormones of incretion are called “vitalizing,” because they vitalize the human organism. This process of hormonal incretion is transmutation; it is Alchemy: the transformation of one type of energy-matter into another type of energy-matter.

    The root of the word hormone comes from the Greek [ὁρμή - "impetus"] and means "that which sets in motion," "impel, urge on," "onset, impulse."

    The astonishing vital power of the sexual hormones is evident. Therefore, to save them, to learn to increte them, to make them return inwardly and upwardly with the sane purpose of enriching life is not a crime.

    It has been completely proven that the sexual hormonal incretion intensifies the hormonal production of all the endocrine glands. The sanguineous torrent [blood stream] conduces sexual hormones, it transports them, puts them in contact with all of those glandular micro-laboratories.

    The gonads of women are the ovaries, the breasts and the uterus. Those of males are the testicles, the phallus and the prostate gland. Such reproductive glands basically turn out to be wonderful sexual micro-laboratories. It is unquestionable that these glands have a double function, since they have external and internal secretion.

    Although it is true that the ovaries produce the ovum, it is less evident that they also increte [secrete internally] a marvelous endocrinal substance that vitalizes women and makes them feminine.

    It is true, observable, and real that the testicles have the Ens Seminis (the entity of semen) as an external secretion in which the spermatozoa float. In fact, the latter amount to the vital germs of existence.

    The intimate hormonal incretion from the testicle cortex is the wonderful power that gives energy to males and makes them essentially masculine.

    A normal male is he who has normal male gonads. A normal female is she who has normal female gonads.

    The ovaries very wisely regulate the distribution of calcium in women. This has already been proven. An excessive number of pregnancies “because of circumstances,” causes the terrible cases of osteomalacia, or deformities due to soft bones, which are so common in the densely populated countries of the world in which we live. It has been scientifically verified that when pregnancies are very frequent they truly exhaust the calcium reserves and so the bones are weakened. Any doctor can make it evident that many women suffer from trouble with their teeth during pregnancy.

    In men, the testicles (also called interstitial glands) regulate the calcium in bones, giving them strength and stability. Through many years of observation and experience, sages have been able to verify that males with very strong bones are generally very virile sexually.

    It has already been fully ascertained by means of profound scientific observations that some of the endocrines act intelligently as accelerators of the sexual glands and that others diminish such action. Eminent biologists, whom we cannot doubt, think that the thymus gland stops sexual appetite.

    The most powerful hormones in the human organism are in the sexual glands of incretion.

    Think for a moment: what are, for example, the sexual hormones.

    Clearly - and let us focus on facts - the testicles have three layers. The first testicular layer has cells that manifest their activity especially during the first seven years of infancy. Then, one is under the rulership of the Moon [which influences the first seven years of life]. Later on, from seven to fourteen years, under the rulership of Mercury, the second testicular layer moves into activity and fully defines the sex of that male. And much later on, from fourteen to twenty-one, under the rulership of Venus, the third testicular layer becomes active, producing abundant zoo-sperms. The zoo-sperms that are produced in the third testicular layer ascend by the adjacent testis and continue along the spermatic cord towards the seminal vesicles, until they reach the prostate.

    It is most interesting to know that those zoo-sperms become electrified as they ascend trough the spermatic cords. They gradually become charged with a lot of electricity, and what is even more interesting is that they become magnetized, so to speak, from south to north; that is, they work like a compass, south-to-north; they also orientate themselves towards the north, being electrified, magnetized...

    It is most interesting to see how they pass from one small vessel to another, climbing through the spermatic cords, until they reach the seminal vesicles, where the sperm is purified even more (all those zoo-sperms), until they reach the prostate, where there is a very important chakra. Obviously, the Svadisthana chakra, which is fundamental for the mastery of sexual transmutation, is located there. Sexual transmutation is based on the prostate. The prostatic chakra is, therefore, most important, and most interesting.

    That sperm becomes totally purified. It becomes completely radioactive, it becomes completely electromagnetic... [This is what impels the male to utilize it: i.e. the sexual drive or libido.] And with transmutation, it turns into energy.

    With transmutation, the zoo-sperms break down into hormones, which go through the membranes and finally enter the blood, actively stimulating the glands of inner secretion. They make them work in an extraordinarily intensive way. Then the hormones ascend, they continue on their way to the brain. There they activate the brain areas that do not work anymore, that are degenerated; they make all the brain cells dynamic and activate certain powers latent in man, etc.

    Unfortunately, and this is the most serious thing, my dear friends, people are degenerated. Vulgar, ordinary men do not let the zoo-sperms rise to the prostate - not even for a second: they eliminate them from the sperm sacks to satisfy their brutal impulses.

    Under such circumstances, the brain degenerates awfully, due to the lack of rising hormones. It does not receive sexual hormones and loses its capacity for action. The faculties latent in man degenerate because there is not enough stimulus from sexual hormones, which are so powerful, as I said. They have the power to move all the glands of inner secretion into activity, to make them produce all sorts of hormones, which make the living organism dynamic.

    Besides, there are other factors that must be taken into account: the sexual force is what produces the phenomenon of “mitosis” in the fetus. Mitosis is the splitting of cells to gestate humans, animals... Well, the presence of creative energy makes the original cell, which has the well-known 48 chromosomes [science has only found 46 because they ignore the energetic or fourth dimensional aspect], split into two; it makes the two split into four, the four into eight, etc., etc., etc., and this is how the tissues, the organs and so on are formed. This is the process of gestation, the formation of creatures in the maternal womb.

    Now from the point of view of sexual transmutation, I want to tell you that the sexual hormones (active in the blood, charged with electricity and magnetism) produce mitosis in the adult human organism: new splitting of cells, formation of new tissues, etc. This is how you can achieve - from a biological standpoint - a complete regeneration or rejuvenation of the human organism.

    What is the difference, for example, between the young “new waves” [young people] and the antiquated and backward-minded old people? One: a young man’s third testicular layer produces large amounts of sexual hormones, lots of zoo-sperms. All these zoo-sperms, transformed into hormones, go to the brain and renew it. That is why young people have a revolutionary way of thinking and open up to what is new, etc. On the other hand, the poor old men who have already wasted the sacred sperm, who have deteriorated through sexual abuse, are really ruined: the third testicular layer now produces very few zoo-sperms. Quite often it takes them days and months to have enough zoo-sperms to achieve a simple erection. And of course, when they manage to achieve an erection, they immediately seek the coitus and eliminate these zoo-sperms. They spend days, a month, or more, accumulating new zoo-sperms; once they have them, they immediately waste them (for the passionate satisfaction of a moment), and that is how they spend their lives, till they die. Since they do not have what produces great amounts of zoo-sperms, the third testicular layer gradually becomes totally atrophied. It produces its cells or hormones, but due to its atrophy these cannot pass on to another stage. Then there may even appear certain inflammations and swellings between the second and the third layers and, worst of all, this logically comes to affect the prostate. Those poor, degenerated old men always have their prostates operated on because of their abuses. This is clear and I want you to understand it specifically and definitely. So, since their third testicular layer is not producing enough zoo-sperms, the poor old men do not have new ideas, because their brain cells are atrophied and certain areas are not working. They become stuck in what they learned in the past, and turn into old-fashioned people who do not accept anything new; they continue with their ancient ideas from yesterday, dated and clumsy. Obviously, they clash with young people, because the young ones are producing new zoo-sperms and so they have new ideas and open up to what is new; then comes the clash between what is new and what is old. That is then the difference between young people of “the new wave” and old people: it is wholly a sexual, biological difference. Understand that clearly.

    The internal secretions of the testicles and the ovaries are definitive for the life of the human being on the Earth. The fundamental differences between men and women are due to the secretions of the testicles and the ovaries.

    The non-ejaculation of semen (not reaching the orgasm) is radical in order to avoid conception and in order to intensify the hormonal incretion. If the male avoids the ejaculation of semen and if the woman also avoids the orgasm, then, control of the problem of conception is resolved. Thelema (willpower) is what is required during the sexual act, in order to withdraw in time, prior to the sexual spasm. The refrained sexual desire will make the creative energy ascend. This is how we perform the semination of the brain and the cerebration of the semen. It is obvious that the semen can transform itself into energy. It is unquestionable that the sexual energy rises up towards the brain. Specific nervous canals for the ascension of the sexual energy exist. Unfortunately, the scalpel cannot find them because these canals belong to the fourth dimension. I am now concretely referring to the pair of nervous cords known in India with the names of Ida and Pingala. In the male, Ida starts in the right testicle and Pingala starts in the left one. In the female, they start in the ovaries and are reversed. These two very fine nervous canals become amiably knotted in the coccygeal bone. Then afterwards, they ascend as two entwined serpents throughout the dorsal spine until the brain. The continuous ascension of the sexual energy throughout these nervous canals radically transforms us by converting us into mutants (Genii). We are concretely referring to the Sahaja Maithuna, sex yoga, White Tantra.

    Sexual Magic is intensified sexual transmutation. Through Sexual Alchemy, the alchemist absorbs, transmutes and sublimates the totality of the sexual energy-matter. The rich and abundant sexual hormones inundate the circulatory system of the blood and reach the different glands of internal secretion, stimulating and inciting our endocrine system to work intensely. Thus, with intensified sexual transmutation, the endocrine glands are super-stimulated, naturally producing a greater number of hormones that animate and modify the entire fluid nervous system. 

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