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  • Year 1831 - Cyliani, the formation of Planets: The Comet!
  • Year 1831
    Cyliani, the formation of Planets: The Comet!

    The ancients were not as stupid as some people want to depict them today… for obscure reasons.

    A few years ago, scientists claimed that they had discovered how planets are formed: the comet! They discovered that comets are made of frozen water and dirt.

    For the ancients, such an announcement would have been almost ridiculous, too obvious. To prove it, here is an excerpt from a book by the alchemist Cyliani, written in 1831. The book is called Hermes Unveiled, and leads us to believe that this knowledge came from the ancient Egyptians. I read it when I was young, before the alleged discovery by modern science.

    Cyliani, the formation of Planets: The Comet!“Place before your mind an immense space, almost without limits, within which floats this system of worlds composed of suns, of fixed stars, of nebulae, of comets, of planets and satellites, all swimming within the breast of eternity, all within the light of a divine sun whose rays are without limits and you will have some slight notion of the totality of the universe, as well as both the finite and the infinite world".

    “This system of worlds and of the Eternal or the sun of divine light are all of the same origin. They have had neither beginning nor will they have an end. The slight changes that certain globes experience changes nothing in the order of the universe".

    “The will of the Eternal or of the Creative Spirit can at will hurl a nebula into space. This going off at a tangent while flying through space is subject to the law of attraction of any sun to which it has drawn near and finishes by describing a very elongated eclipse whose two nuclei are determined by the action of the two suns. Then it is transformed into a comet but at the end of a lapse of centuries it finishes by giving way to the attraction of the stronger of the two suns. Its course becomes regular and finishes by making part of its own solar system by turning in circles around it. Then after a certain number of centuries its two luminous points become one point only, one luminous point that becomes the central fire of this globe, which itself becomes at a very, very distant time a planet habitable as soon as it had taken on a certain metaliferous consistency. Then it brings to birth on its surface the elements necessary to the life of the animals proper to its nature, such for example as water and atmosphere and vegetables".

    “The planets can, by a powerful expansion of the central fire, tear themselves into different parts, each of which spreading out into space, becomes also a satellite that is attached to the active atmosphere of some other planet".

    “A comet which, in the first place, was a nebula can, by its effect when drawing too near to a planet, raise its waters and give rise to a flood by a lowering or raising its axis. This changes the bed of the seas and brings to light that which was covered by the waters and hidden for centuries under them such as inhabited countries which are recovered from the ooze of the sea bottom raising at the same time the debris of animals and of vegetables packed tightly one upon the other".

    “Another planet, passing through the tail of a comet, may have its atmosphere so burnt up that not only all animal and vegetable life is destroyed, but the planet itself is transformed into a vast tomb. Finally, a comet, by its excessive action when drawing near to a planet, can cause such a disturbance on it that animal and vegetable life be greatly modified, even destroyed. These are the only alteration that happen to the globes, but, for all that, nothing in the world is lost. Were these globes to be reduced to atoms, these last, by the law of magnetic attraction, would end up by bringing forth a new planet".

    “The various species of animals that seemed to have existed in the world at distant successive epochs, are the facts of the creation brought about by the Creative Spirit. But, all the beings who come from these appear at epochs more or less distant the one from the other. They seem to be the results of great catastrophes that happened to the earth".

    “The suns, the comets, and the various planets are as much beings of a specific nature that find themselves definitely ruled by a spirit. The universal hierarchy is infinite. The Eternal belongs to a category far above these spirits. These latter are, as it were, its ministers and the planets, the globes, its subjects that have to submit to the directives of the same ministers".

    “Everything that exists in the universe that is material or physical or purely mineral, even the gases, note this avowal".

    "Man is triune. His body or his shape is animated by a soul. This is the junction of diverse forces by the help of which the spirit imprints its shape or matter. The soul is directed by the Celestial Spirit which is an emanation of the divine action and, consequently, imperishable".

    “Only man’s form perishes. The spirit for which the soul serves as a tie or an envelope, separates itself and man’s form. Deprived of this vital celestial spirit, is delivered to the reaction of its constituent principles. Spirit and soul live then spiritually in seeking the centers that are suitable to them and, after the lapse of a certain time, man or the being or the spirit or the spiritual life which goes on always perfecting itself, separates itself from his soul or from his glorious envelope to enter into its universality. This means that man dies twice. This is to say, twice changes his form. But man or the spirit lives eternally. From what I have told you, you can now no longer doubt the immorality of the soul.

    “This is all that I am allowed to teach you now to satisfy your desires".

    Cyliani – Hermes Unveiled

    Year 1831

    Full Book: http://www.venerabilisopus.org/en/books-samael-aun-weor-gnostic-sacred-esoteric-spiritual/pdf/200/285_cyliani-hermes-unveiled.pdf


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